Mactan Cebu Restaurant Menu

Updating today july 16 2018 with the Mactan Cebu Basak Menu - Not just a pdf easy readable Menu 


- Dinner Lunch Mactan Cebu menu -



MACTAN CEBU Menu - Basak

Chili Con Carne 195
Taco with Sour Cream 115
Taco Apastor 245
Pork Tacos with Rice & Beans
Burrito 100
Beef, Beans, Lettuce, Cheese & saIsa
Veggie Burrito 95
Beans, Rice, Lettuce, Cheese & saIsa
Taco Salad 175
Chicken, Lettuce,
Onion, Tomato, Cheese
Sour Cream & Taco Sauce
Mixed Tostada 145
Beef/Chicken, Ref fried Beans, Lettuce
Sour Cream & Salsa
Quesadilla 235
Chicken, Cheese, Jalapeno & salsa

Carne Asada Grilled Pork with On ions & Peppers, Salad Beans & Rice


Tomato & Cheese Sandwich 225 -Salami & Cheese sandwich  - Ham & Cheese sandwich -     Salami sandwich 225

Taquitos 335
Beef/Chicken, 3 pcs Flour Tortillas, Cheese
Sour Cream & Salsa
Chicken Fajitas 245
Grilled Chicken w/ onions & Peppers,
& 2 pcs Fresh Flour Tortillas
Nachos 245
Beef, Refried Beans, Cheese, Sour Cream

Enchilada Meal 345
Beef Rolled in tortillas, Covered in Mex Sauce
w / Cheese, Rice, Beans, Sour Cream, Salad
& Corn Chips
El Paso Crisp) Taco Meal 240
2 pcs Taco Beef/Chicken w / Beans & Rice
Salad & Burrito Meal 240
Beef/Chicken Burrito, Refried Beans
w/ Corn Chips, Cheese, Rice
Grand Burrito Meal 400
Beef/Chicken Burrito, Refried Beans,
Corn Chips, Salad, Rice & Salsa
Salami & Cheese Sandwich
225 Ham & Cheese Sandwich Salami Sandwich 

Pot Roast 315
Roosted Beef in Brown Gravy
with Mashed Potato/ Fries or Rice
& Salad

House Specialty Since 1989
Pork Ribs 345
Ribs Glazed with Soya & Honey
Ham Haxe 335
Crispy Pata German Style with Mashed Potato/ Fries or Rice
Pork Tenderloin
Served w / Mashed P potato/ Pries
or Rice & Sailed

Weiner schnitzel 345
Breaded w/ Calamansi
Jaaer schnitzel 355
w / Brown Mushroom Gravy
Bauern schnitzel 355
w/ Ünion Gravy & Garlic
Kaser schnitzel 355
w/ White Mushroom Gravy
House Speciality Baked Pasta
with MB's tavern Pizza toppings
Spaghetti Bolongese 235

Carbonara 235

Spicy German Sausage with French
or Mashed Pototo
French fries 125

Chicken Wings 280
House Speacility  fried Wings,
with fries, Mashed Potato or Rice

Hungarian Goulasch Soup
Hungarian Goulasch Soup


ltalian Salad Grande 215
Lettuce, Carrots, Ham, eggs,
pomatoes, onion, Tuna, Olives,
Cucumber & Cheese

Mixed Green Salad 115
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber
& Carrots 115
Mashed Potato 125
Fish N' Chips 310

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup 185
Chicken Noodle Soup 185


14 Jul 2018