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To satisfy the free sprited and the adventurous, we offer a variety of scooter and motorbike rentals for your choosing. From the economical automatic 110cc up to 650cc cruisers, one of these will surely "wet" your appetite to take off and experience Cebu. It's just a get up and go, hassle free adventurous experience. Come to Basak Kagudoy, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu 6015, Philippines.

Rent a Bike Discover Mactan Island Cebu Philippines

Motorbike rentals starts at PHP 400

Per day basis in Philippine Pesos

 The Honda XRM 125 is a lightweight but rugged all-purpose motorcycle. It is semi-automatic gearbox that is shifted without clutch. Honda XRM start as low as 400 per day- We have 5 125cc Bikes Honda XRM) bikes.

Discount available for minimum 3 days subject to prior advance arrangement and approval.

Most wanted bikes & best prices

Honda XRM 125 cc


Honda XRM 125cc Motorcycle Rental Information We have 5 125cc Bikes (Honda XRM)
1 day ₱ 500 1 week ₱ 450 per day 2 week ₱ 425 per day 1 month ₱ 400 per day


Yamaha 125 cc YBR

The Yamaha YBR is the "small" touring machine. It is convenient for travel and for longer distances. Comfortable for 2 persons.

Yamaha 125 cc YBR Motorcycle rental

 Yamaha YBR 125cc Motorcycle Rental Information We have 5 125cc Bikes (Yamaha YBR)

1 day ₱ 600 1 week ₱ 550 per day 2 week ₱ 525 per day 1 month ₱ 500 per day

The Honda 250cc L is a lightweight robust and yet has enough power to go everywhere. Low fuel consumption is awesome.  250cc Bike (Honda CRF)
Honda CRF 250cc Motorcycle rental
Honda CRF 250cc Motorcycle Rental Information We have a 250cc Bike (Honda CRF) 1 day ₱ 1000 1 week ₱ 950 per day 2 week ₱ 925 per day 1 month ₱ 900 per day



Honda Steed 400 cc

Honda Steed 400 cc

 Honda Steed 400cc Motorcycle Rental Information We have one 400cc Bikes (Honda Steed)

1 day ₱ 1200 1 week ₱ 1150 per day 2 week ₱ 1125 per day 1 month ₱ 1100 per day

Laid back as Easy Rider in the Philippines?  Then you might be looking for this one! exactly right with the Honda Steed. Force "excited roar" Sound comfortable.



The Kawasaki Versys 650 gives that big Bike touring ride. Full Power and still space for luggage. Nice for 2 and easy to handle. Very low fuel consumption.

 Kawasaki Versys 650 Motorcycle rental

1 day ₱ 2000
1 week ₱ 1950 per day
2 week ₱ 1925 per day
1 month ₱ 1900 per day We have 2 650cc Bikes (Kawasaki Versys)

Kawasaki Versys 650cc

 Kawasaki Versys 650

Kawasaki 650 MC